Time: Mar 15,2021      Author: Manson

Our live streaming will be aired on 4:00-6:00AM (Beijing Time), 16th March at 

You will see our hot-selling products such as PRP tube, PRP kit, medical device, etc. and new arrivals like U-PRF tube, Hair growth helmet with professional introduction and product testing. 

During our Live Show time, you will have opportunity to obtain these surprise: 
1)During the live streaming, once the order is set, we will offer a box of classic PRP tube as gift.
2)Ordering during live streaming:
Over $500: offer an A6 Derma pen
Over $1000: offer $1000 coupon
Over $2000: offer a MM7 centrifuge
Over $3000: offer a hair growth helmet
3)Follow our store, offer $20 coupon(Do not limit the time of use)
4)Consultation during live streaming, offer $20 coupon(Do not limit the time of use)

Live show Link:

Warm welcome to watch our live show on time. Thanks!

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