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The anti-wrinkle effect

1. Strong anti-wrinkle and anti-aging: PRP is rich in more than ten kinds of growth factors. After being injected into the superficial dermis, it can stimulate the production of a large number of collagen, elastic fibers and glia, so as to achieve the purpose of strong anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.

2. Overcome tissue loss: when PRP is injected into the skin, the powerful growth factor will promote tissue regeneration, has a special effect on sunken scars, tissue loss, and can also be used for lip augmentation.

3. For neck lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, Sichuan character lines, stretch marks, growth lines, fine lines around the eyes, nasal dorsal lines, corners of the mouth wrinkles these common wrinkles, PRP injection wrinkle removal can effectively remove.

4. PRP injection wrinkle removal can treat post-inflammatory pigmentation, pigmentation changes (spots), sunburn, erythema, melasma and acne.

5. For the face, hands and neck skin slack, rough skin, dark and yellow skin, can be solved by PRP injection wrinkle removal.

6. Rescue allergic skin: Continuous use of PRP for treatment will change the original stress system of skin, make skin healthier and more vigorous, and effectively improve allergic skin.


Four principles of wrinkle injection

1. PRP injection for wrinkle removal is to make autologous blood rich in high concentration of growth factors by collecting venous blood, concentrating platelets and white blood cells by centrifugation, and then injecting it into the skin.

2. PRP injection for wrinkle removal is to extract high concentration of growth factors from the blood; The refining process is completed within 30 minutes; High concentration of growth factors is rich in a large number of white blood cells, greatly reducing the risk of infection; The entire skin structure can be completely repaired and reassembled in just one session.

3. PRP autologous blood wrinkle removal is the use of high concentration of growth factor plasma produced from own blood for treatment, no rejection reaction. It has passed the European CE, SQS and most of the European national health department certification, and has been widely used in many countries to ensure the safety of its treatment.

4. PRP gen medical hairdressing treatment is through acquisition for America’s own venous blood, after centrifugal concentrated platelet production process to make into a rich, white blood cells and other high growth factor of autologous blood plasma, PRP injection hairdressing fluid through the leather in the shallow injection method is injected into the skin, a variety of autologous growth factors into the skin tissue, adjust the structure of full-thickness skin, Repair THE AGING AND damaged SKIN tissue, so as to improve the texture of the skin, tighten and enhance the facial skin, reduce wrinkles and depression scars, restore the skin’s youthful state, and delay the purpose of skin aging.



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