Application of PRP in Various Fields

The application of PRP in orthopedics is safe and efficient, on the one hand, it can promote bone injury repair, on the other hand, it can accelerate bone regeneration.

The main indications of PRP include osteoarthritis, sports muscle injury, femoral head necrosis stage ⅰ-ⅱ, chronic osteomyelitis, bone nonunion, chronic refractory wound, etc.


Knee Osteoarthritis

A patient with early-stage osteoarthritis received two intra-articular PRP injections within 4 weeks of each other. After the second injection, the pain, Knee scale was used to compare pain scores and functional scores at two, four, and six months.



Joint pain scale (VAS) Knee scale

Level1: Before injection

Level2: second injection

Level3:2 months after injection

Level4:4 months after injection

Level5:6 months after injection


Two months after PRP injection, the study patients experienced less pain (a significant decrease in score), especially during the first month after PRP injection. From a functional point of view, knee mobility and osteogenic recovery were significantly improved. The findings suggest that PRP injection is an effective and safe treatment for the management of early osteoarthritis.

PRP injection for knee arthritis

Achilles Tendinitis

PRP was injected directly into the Achilles tendon in closed surgery for Achilles tendon repair, and PRP was injected after Achilles tendon rupture repair in open surgery.

PRP is used in the treatment of Achilles tendon, including Achilles tendinitis, Achilles tendon rupture and extravasation.

Articular Cartilage and Meniscus Repair

Due to the lack of blood supply around the cartilage and meniscus, the regeneration ability is very weak. Injection of PRP can provide nutrients to help the cartilage and meniscus repair and regenerate themselves.

PRP injection for meniscus injury and cartilage defect.


 Necrosis of Femoral Head & Osteonecrosis of Talus

PRP injection was performed to promote bone regeneration and repair after decompression and lesion removal.