MANSON PRF BOX (Fibrin Compressor – Plate / Rich / Fibrin)

A complete kit for platelet rich fibrin, the PRF box is ideal for PRF and GRF approaches to dental surgery. The safest way to manage and maintain growth factors.



· Move the extracted growth factors in the gel type onto the tube holder, using a centrifuge after taking a patient’s blood.

· Seperate only the yellow portion with blades or scissors after taking out the PRF gel in the tube from the mini tray.

· Place the seperated yellow portion onto the middle board and make membranes by pressign the press board with appropriate pressure.

· Submerge the extracted yellow portion into the plastic case, and then add pressure using the press core. Use the generated growth factor core for the bone graft of the maxillary sinus.

· Mix the extracted liquid with the bone and use it during the bone graft.



- In which cases?

It is used in tooth extractions, implant operations, cyst operations, gum treatments, sinus lift operations, bone graft operations, bone formation, in short, in every surgical field in dentistry.

- Is it also used in implant treatment?

Yes. In implant treatments performed simultaneously with tooth extration, postoperative wound healing is faster and the success of the operation increases. A method that reduces the possibility of post-operative infection.

- Are there any side effects?

No. Since it is entirely from the patient’s own tissue, it is 100% natural and has no side effects. PRF applied to the operation area increases the release of healing cells and the growth factors that activate these cells during the healing period of the wound

Post time: May-20-2022