There are Classic PRP Tube / Kit, Power PRP Tube / Kit, Hair PRP Tube / Kit, HA PRP Tube / Kit for Aesthetic, HA PRP Tube / Kit for Orthopedic, Large Size PRP Tube by MANSON manufactured, etc.


1. Classic PRP Tube / Kit (Black)

Feature: Triple-Sterilization, Non-pyrogenic

Usage: Orthopedics, Hair Regeneration, Medical Aesthetics, Chronic Wounds, etc.

Centrifuge: MM7

Result: 2-3ml PRP from 10ml Classic PRP Tube / Kit

2. Power PRP Tube / Kit (Pink)

Feature: Triple-Sterilization, Non-pyrogenic, Activator solution added, To fully activate all growth factors in PRP

Usage: Medical Aesthetics

Centrifuge: MM7

Result: 2-3ml ACTIVE PRP per Tube

3. Hair PRP Tube / Kit (Brown)

Feature: Triple-Sterilization, Non-pyrogenic, Biotin solution added

Usage: Hair Regeneration

Centrifuge: MM7

Result: 2-3ml PRP per Tube

4. HA PRP Tube / Kit for Aesthetic or Orthopedics (White and Orange)

Feature: Triple-Sterilization, Non-pyrogenic, 2ml non-crosslink HA

Usage: Medical Aesthetic

Centrifuge: MM7 3500 rpm/16min ( *Please note: time for HA Tubes / Kit will be twice the Classic PRP Tube / Kit )

Result: 2-3ml PRP from 10ml HA-PRP Tube

5. Large Size PRP Tube (Blue / Grey / Black)

Feature: Triple-Sterilization, Non-pyrogenic

Usage: Orthopedics treatment, For SVF surgery

Dimensions: Draw Volume 20-30ml: 30x100mm; Draw Volume 40-60ml: 30x120mm

Centrifuge: MM9

Result: 5-8ml PRP from 20-30ml Tube, 8-15ml PRP from 40-60ml Tube


Special 【Crystal Made】 PRP that can:

· Undergo triple sterilzation

· Pyrogen-free

· Get 7 folds of PRP

· ISO and GMP certified


How every MANSON PRP Tube is done:

23 hours production time

12 steps of producing

6 quantity assurance tests

24 technicians and QAs in one team


Why Choose Us?

1 one – step close system

8 eight minutes to separate plasma

100% Close system to get high PRP concentration


If you are interested in our PRP products, please feel free to contact us.


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Post time: May-18-2022