MANSON Pyrogen-free Triple Sterilized PRP Tube Kit with 4 Tubes

MANSON Pyrogen-free Triple Sterilized PRP Tube Kit with 4 Tubes

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Product Name: PRP Tube Kit

Model Number: CLK-4

Material: Crystal Glass / PET

Size: 16*120mm

Additive: ACD+Separation Gel

Feature: Sterile, Vacuum, Non-toxic, Pyrogen-free

Function: Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Scald, Hair growth, etc.

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PRP Tube Kit (1)


Certificate  ISO13458, FSC
Material  PET  Crystal Glass
Additive  ACD+Sparation Gel
Cap Color  Black
Tube Size  16*100mm  16*120mm
 16*125mm  28*110mm; 30*118mm
Draw Volume  8ml, 9ml  10ml
 12ml, 15ml  20~30ml; 30~40ml
Closure Type  Safety
Shelf Life  2 Years
Package  Sterilized individual package
Function  Beauty treatment, Orthopedics, Scar, Hair loss, Veterinary, Dental, etc.
Centrifuge  3500 rpm, 8 minutes
Result  5ml - 6ml prp each tube
OEM/ODM  Your logo on the tube and box.
MANSON HA PRP Kit for Aesthetic (3)

The pyrogen has the properties of heat resistance, filterability, water solubility, non volatility and easy to be absorbed. If the injection contains 1μg/kg pyrogen, it will cause adverse reactions.
The body will have the symptoms of fever, sweating, vomiting, coma, endanger life.

MANSON PRP is Pyrogen-free.

PRP Tube Kit (3)

How to Use

1. Take blood by butterfly needle.
2. After blood collection, place the tubes up and down 4-5 times so that anticoagulant and blood could mix thoroughly. Put these two tubes into a centrifuge symmetrically.
3. Settings of the Centrifuge: 3500 rpm and 8 minutes for Classic PRP tube.
3500 rpm and 16 minutes for HA PRP tube.

Product Application

PRP Tube Kit (4)


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Company Profile

Manson Technology is a well-established professional PRP Tube & PRP Kit manufacturer and developer. We possess high-standard Medical factory, a team of medical experts with more than 15 years experience, an integrated laboratory and experience sales team in Beijing.
Under the principles of safety, efficiency and convenience, the company has developed an extensive range of PRP products and services which were certified by GMP and ISO.
During the last five years the company has participated in 30 international exhibitions and its products has been sold in more than 100 countries around the world gathering a remarkable amount of praise and positive feedback. We welcome agent Cooperation.

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