MANSON Activator Power PRP Kit 10ml*2

MANSON Activator Power PRP Kit 10ml*2

short description:

Model Number: PWK10

Material: Crystal Glass / PET

Size: 16*120mm

Draw Volume: 10 ML

Additive: ACD+Separation GEL+Activator

Function: Skin Rejuvenation, Cosmetology, Dermatology, etc.

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MANSON Power PRP Kit 10ml (1)


Model No.: PWK10
Material: Crystal Glass / PET
Cap Color: Pink gel / Plastic cap
Addtive: Anticoagulant (ACD-A /sodium citrate) + Gel + Activator
Certification: ISO13485,FSC
Draw Volume: 10ml or as required
Lable: Manson & OEM
Free Sample: Available
Application: Skin Rejuvenation, Cosmetology, Dermatology, etc.
Function Description:
  1. Vacuum Tube; 2. Sterile, Pyrogen-free; 3. ACD, Gel & Actvator;

4. Sterile Packing;

5. Activator has already been added in the tube, thus can reach obvious effects, especially useful for facial plastic surgery.

Payment Terms: L/C, Credit Card, T/T, Paypal, West Union, etc.
Shipping Method: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, SF, EMS, Aramex, etc.
Centrifugation Please send us inquiry to confirm if the tube is ok with your centrifuge.
OEM Service 1. Customized color and material for cap;
2. Private label on the tube and sticker on the package;
3. Free package design.
Expiration 2 years

The pyrogen has the properties of heat resistance, filterability, water solubility, non volatility and easy to be absorbed. If the injection contains 1μg/kg pyrogen, it will cause adverse reactions.
The body will have the symptoms of fever, sweating, vomiting, coma, endanger life.

MANSON PRP is Pyrogen-free.

MANSON Classic PRP Kit (3)

MANSON Power PRP TUBE is with activator, anticoagulant and separation gel. The activator inside is special formula, mainly calcium chloride and calcium gluconate. It can activate growth factors inside PRP, making the effect much better.
Activator activates the platelts by capillary stree only, which is a physical method. With PRP Activator, one can activate platelets in the simplest way in a short period of time. It is known to effectively activate the platelets as much as Thrombin can without the possibility of adverse effects.
Features and Benefits of MANSON Power PRP Tube:
●No intolerance or allergic reaction, since 100% particulate material is used
●Simple preparation of the blood (centrifugation)
●Isolation of red blood cells by separating gel in the reagents
●Immediate use or addition of calcium
●Optimized hygiene through a closed system (removal, centrifugation, preparation and application)
●Easy, fast and safe handling
●50% more volume through enlarged tubes

MANSON Power PRP Kit 10ml (4)
MANSON Power PRP Kit 10ml (5)

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MANSON Power PRP Kit 10ml (6)


MANSON Classic PRP Kit (7)

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Packaging & Delivery

Package: 1 kit packed into 1 box.
Delivery way: Air Transporting (DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and so on) & Ocean Shipping.

MANSON Power PRP Kit 10ml (11)

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