MANSON PET PRF Tube 10ml for Tooth

MANSON PET PRF Tube 10ml for Tooth

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Material: PET

Draw Volume: 10ml or as required

Additive: No

Application: Dental

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MANSON PRF Tube 10ml (1)
Model No.: PRF10
Material: PET
Additive No
Certification: ISO13485, FSC
Draw Volume: 10ml or as required
Lable: Manson & OEM
Sample Service: Available
Application: Dental
Payment Terms: L/C, Credit Card, T/T, PayPal, West Union, etc.
Shipping: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, SF, EMS, Aramex, etc.
Centrifuge: Please send us inquiry to confirm if the tube is ok with your centrifuge.
OEM Service: 1. Customized color and material for cap;
2. Private label on the tube and sticker on the package;
3. Free package design.
Expiration: 2 Years
MANSON Hair PRP Tube 10ml (2)
MANSON PRF Tube 10ml (2)
MANSON PRF Tube 10ml (4)

Product ApplicationDental Surgery Recovery

PRP&PRF can be used for multiple types of oral surgery and treatments. During the repair of jaw ridge deformities and dental implant treatment, periodontal surgery, grow gum and jaw bone without the need for any cadaver grafts, sinus lits and repair of sinus perforations, after difiult extractions especially wisdom teeth, ridge augmentations, inlay and onlay grafts and other bone grafting procedures, PRP&PRF can help speed a patient's recovery and decrease post surgical discomfort and pain.
For facial trauma reconstruction patients with need to correct defects due to tooth loss, PRP&PRF can help the body to repair itself far faster than without platelet rich plasma. Patients with exposed roots (gum recession) can take advantage of PRP&PRF during procedures of soft tsse (gum) grafing, as well.
- Reduced inflammation and pain after a surgical procedure
- Quicker recovery time
- Improved healing as it accelerates the bone & gum formation
- No risk of rejection because it comes from our own blood
- Faster healing after wisdom tooth removal
- Lower incidence of dry socket after tooth extraction
- Better healing and strength of bone after dental implants

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